What is LookFound.com

Lookfound is a free help service unlike any service on the web. Yes we provide search engines that will help you look and find what you are hoping for, but ONE major difference, we give you the 411, the information to make the best decision on which one to take. We offer insight based on personal and collective experience so you can make the best informed decision.

We also want to provide a free service of discussions on what we have found about each topic as well as allow you provide what you have found as well.

Looking for your soul mate? Or just want to make some friends in a new neighborhood? Click on the LOVE toolbar. This is the place where you can look and found what you are hoping for.

Ever wonder how to best go about a job search? What should you be looking for and how can you be be found? This is a place where you can find the best resources as well as tips for your search.

For love or for money, what ever you have been looking for is ready to be found at LOOKFOUND.com

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This is a service provided for you and some of the information is based on personal opinion.