What job are looking for?

This is the worst economy since the Great Depression, but why does it still hurt? There are three groups of people working in our economy, those that have been laid off, those that have not been laid off and those that feel that they will be laid off any minute. In all positions, it is such an emotional burden. Think about being laid off now, it is reported that for every one viable job, you have to post for seventeen of them? SEVENTEEN! And most interviews make it so many rounds, by the time you make it to the final final, they may hire internally or the company dynamics change that they do not need that head count. For those that have not been laid off, since they either know people that have in their company or their company is "doing more with less", the people working are overworked and many with less pay than they used to get. Now I reach our third group, those that are worried that they may be laid off. This can be true. It is important that you try to keep your chin up, as the saying goes, what goes down always comes up!

So for our three groups of people, job searching may be on the horizon. If you are looking, what else can you do? What new ideas/ places can you look? For those in the work arena, should you do a career change or be ahead of the game and plan for your family if there is a job reduction.

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Either way, you have come to the right place as there are job tools for you. Ask yourself these five questions before you being your hunt:

1) What do you want to do, if you were to map out you employment history, what makes sense for you? Go higher on the career ladder, make a parallel move, do a complete job change. I often find, making a pro/con list of what was fulfilling about the job and focus on that. It is not always money.

2) Speaking of money, how much can you minimally make to make the move. It is a company's market, there are over 10% of the workforce without jobs and many Directors are taking Manager jobs, that is going down a level, so the competition is heavy?

3) What does your resume say about you that separates you from the rest? Make sure to highlight that: language, computer, awards.

4) Where can you go, are you willing to relocate? I am sure you can see the advantages of moving.

5) How long can you wait to make the change?

What are some other help tools?