What about looking for love?

There is a saying that says that true love is only as rare as you make it. Love is defined as the caring and dedication for another more than oneself. In religious vows, you often hear that in marriage, you love through richer or poorer and sickness and in health. A Chinese proverb speaks about loving someone for a lifetime and enjoy watching your love age and hair turn grey, it is much better spoken in Chinese.

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But what if you have a difficult time finding love? What if your job, location is "love prohibitive"? Or what if you have endlessly tried, what options do you have. Polling some of the relationships that have the most longevity, it has been shown that the relationships that have been set up via blind date have had the most success. Obviously, there are the stories where high school sweethearts marry or the person that you sit through a five hour flight is your soul mate. We are talking about general population.


Why do blind date's work? There are three reasons. The first is that the person that is doing the setting up has filtered through and made the appropriate match. The second is that any pre date jitters are already done. Like you can ask the person doing the setting up "can I see a picture?" or "do they have a sense of humor?" and last reason is that there are no expectations.


What if you have already done the blind date scenario? And it has not worked? Well, that is why you are hear right?

Perhaps your circle of friends and family is not as vast as the internet. Let the internet do the searching, helping, looking and of course..finding on lookfound.com

What should I know before I log on?

Online dating can be anxiety provoking but it can also be fun and inspiring. Make sure you do your due diligence to select the right site for you.

Checklist for selecting a site

  1. Who am I
  2. What am I looking for
  3. What age range
  4. Where should they live
  5. What personality style is important
  6. Traits can I live with
  7. What is special about me
  8. How will I make the relationship work

I would make sure to take the time and consider these answers. Some of the websites ask in detail your thoughts and desires, it is best to know. The less then want to know, consider the less the match.

When you have created your profile, think about the photos that you are going to select for yourself. What will the photos say about you, in this world, it is the first impression that is everything. If you don't have photos of yourself, please DON'T just crop one of yourself where you can still see the girl/boy's face next to you. This is your "love", take the time to profile yourself best.

Now the fun part, you will be getting "winks", "greetings", "emails", whatever the first way to meet, make sure you take the time to email first, then phone, then meet in a PUBLIC place, this will ensure the proper steps. Online dating has changed since our parent's time. By the time you do these steps, your first meeting will feel like you have known the person for months. Consider the first date as important as an interview, you will see what they remember about you on your profile or your email interactions. If your hot button is someone who "listens" and they ask you where you are from on your first date, probably not someone that pays attention.

Consider love as a journey and not the destination..wish you all the best that love can offer