Who are you looking for?

Who are you looking for? Someone from school, college, friend or family? There are many ways to find someone, the first place to start is the internet and do some sleuthing from there. For example, I was looking for my Aunt who had been out of touch for years. I googled, her name and nothing was found. I then added photographer to her name and I found an article linked to an article that portrayed a recent snapshot in a newspaper. It mentioned that the photographer was my Aunt with no contact information except a city. I then called the newspaper to ask for a release and could not find it. Then I googled my Aunt's name with the city and found some residence information and found an email address. We contact eachother and I am so happy that she got to meet my wife~

Finding someone may be as easy as typing in their name in google. But if my Aunt did not have a contact email, I may be in trouble. What if you exhausted all your options and have to go professionally?

looking for someone lost


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